About Us

Welcome to Lockers America 

Our core values are founded upon innovation in design and manufacture, therefore offering the best locker storage solutions throughout the United States of America.

Our product excellence is matched by service excellence, as we consider every customer with the highest regard. Established management procedures underpin the quality culture at Lockers America, ensuring we provide the very best in product and service.

The durability and reliability of Lockers America products are second to none, with maintenance programs in place to maximise the life cycle of your selected products. At Lockers America we offer an extensive service from full site audits, measurements, designs and detailed quotations to finished selections, manufacture, delivery, installation and product service.

The range of product reflects an understanding of the market, as the needs of each client differs greatly. Innovation is a definite strength at Lockers America, with our designs reflecting market trends and financial responsibility.

Our product range includes powdercoated steel, ABS plastic in standard and special sizes. A host of options and accessories can be added to an installation to enhance its appearance, function or user convenience. Configurations and uses vary from range to range.

We invite you to explore our wider product library as well as the technical support material available.

As market leaders with excellent product, client focus and national coverage, we invite you to explore our wider product library as well as the technical support available, and look forward to doing business with you.